The Farmerville office was purchased in June of 2007 by Dr. Costello from Dr. Tommy Ward. A year and a half later the other side of the building owned by Dr. William Roberts was purchased by Dr. Costello. The entire dental office was remodeled by Dr. Costello and Farmerville Dental was born. The practice flourished and Dr. Costello hired Dr. Daniel Raymond in 2009. In 2011, Dr. Raymond bought in as partner.

In November of 2011, Dr. Costello and Dr. Raymond bought an existing practice in Dr. Costello’s home town of Oak Grove, and Oak Grove Dental was born. As needs grew for a dental office performing all aspects of dentistry under one roof, Dr. Costello and Dr. Raymond bought the practice of Dr. Sam Trinca and Dr. David Barker in Monroe, and Monroe Dental was born.

In 2014, all three offices names were changed to NELA Dental. Ryan Rachal, D.D.S. joined the NELA Dental team in 2017.

In 2018, NELA Dental gained one more dentist: Dr. Mary Rachal. Mallory Pruden, D.D.S. is the most recent dentist to join the practice.

NELA Dental has six great dentists to serve the Northeast Louisiana area:


Office Manager - Kristen Sherrill

Receptionist - Frances Jennings

Hygienist - Adrienne Bridges

Hygienist - Kayla Roberson

Hygienist - Jessica Dumas

Dental Assistant - Karen Moorhead

Dental Assistant - Amelia Moss

Dental Assistant - Angel Miller

Receptionist - Tracy Littleton

Dental Assistant - Savannah Reno

Dental Assistant - Ginger Broyles

Insurance Coordinator - Monica McGaha


Office Manager - Karla Wise

Hygienist - Mari Bordelon

Hygienist - Marjo Collins

Hygienist - Kelsey Moore

Insurance Coordinator - Sandra Hurt

Dental Assistant - Jennifer Brister

Dental Assistant - Savannah Baccigalopi

Receptionist - Rachel Vaught


(318) 387-5732
2016 Tower Drive, Monroe, LA


(318) 368-9518
7699 Highway 2, Farmerville, LA


Vance Costello, D.D.S.
Daniel Raymond, D.D.S.
Ryan Rachal, D.D.S.
Mary Rachal, D.D.S.
Mallory Pruden, D.D.S.