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‘Tis the season for giving! This year, consider giving your smile a little something.

&lsquoTis the season for giving! This year, consider giving your smile a little something. At NELA Dental, we strive to make smiles stronger and healthier, as well as boost our patient&rsquos confidence. We have many options for cosmetic dentistry such as dental implants and a variety of convenient orthodontics options.

Strength and Stability-Dental Implants

A dental implant is an artificial tooth root that is placed into your jaw to hold a replacement tooth or a bridge. A proper dental implant coupled with a replacement tooth or bridge will look, feel, and function like a natural tooth. For those with missing or decaying teeth, dental implants can improve your smile not only cosmetically but structurally as well. Implants provide a stable and durable base for restoration so you can start to enjoy all of your favorite foods again. Even denture wearers find that their dentures can be held in place with dental implants for added comfort and stability.

Straight Up Confidence -Adult Braces

Modern treatments like Six Month Smiles braces and Clear Correct ® systems offered at NELA Dental have completely changed the way we address the problem of misaligned teeth. Both are efficient and safe solutions for transforming your smile and boosting your self-confidence.
Clear Correct ® aligners can alleviate problems with crowding, spacing, and uneven teeth. Treatment with Clear Correct ® involves a series of clear, custom-made aligners that are virtually invisible. You will receive a series of aligner trays that you will change at two-week intervals to gently reposition your teeth into correct alignment. Treatment times vary by individual, but results are typically achieved in about 12 months for adults.
Treatment with Six Month Smiles braces is similar to that of conventional adult orthodontics, but they have one major difference. Six Month Smiles braces have significantly shorter treatment times because the goal is not to alter the patient's bite, only straighten the visible teeth. Six Month Smiles treatment focuses only on the teeth that show when you smile. The braces do not interfere with your appearance or day-to-day life. The clear brackets and tooth colored wires will gently reposition your teeth without affecting appearance. Six Month Smiles braces are generally more affordable than traditional braces or veneers. Desired results are usually achieved in about four to nine months, with an average treatment time of six months.

Affordability-Financing Options

Our dentists have helped many patients achieve their goal of a strong, perfectly aligned, dream smile. We provide personalized care and make it easy to obtain the treatment you need with stress-free financing options. Contact one of our three locations in Farmerville, Monroe, or Oak Grove for your FREE consultation and Start Smiling Today!





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